Tuesday, 22 November 2011


1.Megan Fox

Whilebeing interviewed twice she has mentioned that she is all for the legalizationof marijuana.  Megan Fox is definitely one hot smoking star!  Whatpot blasting shenanigans will she be coming up with for Transformers 3interviews.  This sexified cannabis smoker definitely deserves the #1spot.

2.Cameron Diaz

There'ssomething about Mary.  Mary jane that is with Cameron Diaz being seensmoking a joint with her good friend Drew Barrymore in Hawaii.  Thishottie has been smoking some of the best cannabis for a long time and won't bestopping anytime soon

3.Drew Barrymore

This Charlies Angel has been soaring high as the sky for a very long timesmoking the cheebah.  Also seen smoking reefer in Hawaii with her good palCameron Diaz.

4.Kristen Stewart

Fortunately to plenty of pot-parazzi pictures Stewart has been seen smokingcannabis and even wearing a bikini with pot leaves on it.  When she's notacting for twilight she's in her own twilight zone cheeched out like nobodiesbusiness.

5.Mischa Barton

Frequently seen being out and about smoking dubies at public fim festivals andeven getting arrested for a DUI and possession charge.  The possessioncharge was dropped.  She would have looked like much more of a bad ass ifshe would've taken the whole charge.

6.Adrianne Curry

This reality-TV star has been in just about everything from The Surreal Life toMy Fair Brady.  She has publicly spoken about legalizing marijuana.

7.Joss Stone

Spotted smoking a spliff in London this soul singer is all about cheeching outand kicking back.

8.Sarah Silverman

Thestar of the Sarah Silverman program often refers to smoking marijuana and waseven seen smoking in the Super High Me documentary.  Being very well knownfor smoking weed has just boosted this star 10 folds.

 9. Mary-Louise Parker

This milf from the popular Showtime Weeds series is not shy about her smokinghabits.  Nothing better than sitting back watching a hot mama slingingbuds all day.

10.Lily Allen

This notorious British pop singer has been photographed firing away and talkingto the public about cannabis.

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