Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Marilyn Monroe 

Famous for her sexuality in a time when other women were wrapped up in aprons and strands of pearls, the nation was fascinated with Ms. Monroe’s antics both on stage and off.

Shannon Dougherty

Can a girl get any crazier than Shannon? Street fights? Catfights with coworkers? Getting kicked off more than one show for her outrageous attitudes? Wouldn’t it be fun to be Shannon for a day?

Nicole Richie

She might be reformed now as the mother of two beautiful babies, but Nicole was a wild child for most of her youth. Growing up with too much money, too much media and too many bad influences is bad for your health, but great for your drug habits.

Paris Hilton
We’re still not sure what’s she’s famous for, but we love to watch her. From sex tapes online to well-publicized break-ups with best friends and lovers, she’s all over the map while her more demure sister watches with amusement from the sidelines.

Lindsay Lohan

She went from being the sweet All-American girl who starred in Disney films
to a more outrageous portrait of herself. Skin and bones with more than a few mishaps with drugs and alcohol, Lindsay is only a relic of her former self thanks to too much booze and hard living.

Anna Nicole Smith
Any bad girl who can marry a billionaire based solely on the size of her….personality is one we’re interested in. Sadly, Anna’s hard living caused her death. Anna’s life 
had it’s ups and downs, but she lives on in our memories as a true party girl.

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