Friday, 4 November 2011


Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo scandal

The Scarlett Johansson pics leaked by a hacker on the Internet caught like wildfire on Twitter and various websites. While the Lost in Translation star recovers from the nude photograph scandal, there are things you may not know about ScarJo.
So much online gossip has been swirling around about the Ironman 2 star (as Black Widow) since naked pictures of her circulated on the World Wide Web this week.
Even the folks at Next Media Animation in Taiwan (NMA) dabbled in a bit of parody in the wake of the alleged nude photo leak with a very funny video posted on the Huffington Post.
Sure, she’s angry, embarrassed, and dismal at the same time.
Although she admitted taking the pictures herself, it was not her intent to have them plastered in the public domain so anyone can see her unmentionables at the click of a link.
In fact, since Scarlett divorced Ryan Reynolds, she’s been seemingly happy living single again.
And as she prepares for the release of The Avengers, the last thing she needs is a nude photo scandal looming over her head.

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